If you’re reading this you either know me already and felt compelled to skim this page to confirm you have indeed seen my website or you’re desperately bored and in need of professional help. If it’s the latter you’ve definitely come to the wrong place but at least you can read a few posts and look at some pretty pictures to pass the time.

This website has been a seriously long time coming, mostly because I’m a champion procrastinator but also because I was shit scared to go out on my own and work entirely under my own name.


Yes, I used to be a Nutritionist.

I loved every second of having my own practice and working with some amazing people but it was time to move on.

My passion for food and the freedom in creating it are what encouraged me to become a Nutritionist in the first place but over the past few years the unavoidable bureaucracy of working as part of a healthcare system, the endless paperwork and sheer weirdness of the wellness industry meant that food fell further and further down the priority list. Sad times.

ChrisMaddison.com is my next chapter and chronicles not only the food I eat, but everything that goes on in my life around said food. The recipes I create, the cookbooks I love, the music I listen to while I cook. In essence, nutrition in the context of real life. Well, my life at least.

This setup gives me more freedom than before so the opinions will be more direct, the language will be fruitier and the butter will be replaced with extra-greasy lard. You have been warned.

I may no longer call myself a Nutritionist (a decision not taken lightly) but make no mistake; I will always be a scientist. It’s in my DNA. I don’t like bullshit and there’s plenty of it in the wellness industry, but likewise, I don’t feel the need to beat people around the head with science either. We’re all intelligent people and can make up our own minds. Where the sciencey fine detail’s needed I’ll add it. Simple.

If you want to know a bit more about me you can check out my About page >

The Website

The whole idea of the website is to provide a platform for me to share anything and everything I find interesting and think you might too. I’ve divided things very broadly between FOOD, relating to everything food/drink/nutrition/wellness and INSPIRED, related to everything art/music/design/architecture etc. that inspires me.


Twitter & Instagram

Aside from here on the website you’ll find me on Twitter & Instagram on a daily basis spouting my usual gibberish. Instagram is famed for polished aspirational photos so naturally I post my sobering daily fails and not so glossy pics on there for all to see. Twitter’s usually the best way to reach me quickly and easily #addicted.

This website is a big deal for me and largely unchartered territory so give me a shout via the wonders of Twitter and Instagram or contact me to let me know what you think. I like encouragement!